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Commercial Doors

Our commercial doors feature ribbed steel sections and are designed for residential and commercial use. We offer the door made of 24-gauge or 20-gauge steel.

Door Sections
pic- Steel sections shall be 2" thick roll formed from commercial quality, hot dipped galvanized 20, 24 gauge steel per ASTM A525 and A527. Each section shall have 2 deep ribs and 6 shallow ribs and a tongue-and-groove joint for a weathertight seal between sections. End stiles and intermediate stiles to be formed from heavy gauge galvanized steel.

- The door exterior is pre-painted steel consisting of hot dipped galvanized coating applied to the base metal. A phosphate treatment is applied before a baked-on epoxy primer. This prime coat is finished with a polyester coat for maximum rust protection. Models C20 and C24 are available in white and have white interiors.

- Galvanized steel track shall be 2" or 3" as required. Bracket mounting or continuous angle mounting is standard for wood jambs. Continuous reverse angle mounting is standard for steel jambs. Vertical track shall be inclined through the use of adjustable brackets to assure weathertight closure at the jambs. Horizontal track shall be reinforced with galvanized angles as required by door size and weight.

- Graduated hinges, bottom and top fixtures, and struts made from heavy gauge galvanized steel. All 2" and 3" rollers have 10 ball bearings in case hardened steel races. Doors are reinforced as required with steel struts, and are designed to deflect less than 1/120 of the door width when in the open position.

Spring Counterbalance
- Counterbalance shall be oil tempered, helical wound torsion springs mounted on a ball bearing cross header shaft engineered for industrial application that comply with properties specified by NAGDM 102-1988. Galvanized aircraft type lift cables with minimum safety factor of 8 to 1 and cast aluminum drums are standard. Wind Load - Doors shall meet or exceed standards established by ANSI/NAGDM 102-1988.

- U-type vinyl bottom seal and retainer is attached to bottom section.

- Interior slide lock with hole to receive a padlock is standard. Optional keyed or cremone locks are available.

Window Lites
- Framed lites 24 x 4 can be installed in any section of a ribbed door. Single glazing is standard.

- Polystyrene is the material available for insulation.

Installation and Framing
- Mounting pads and door jambs shall be furnished by others. Installation shall be in accordance with DoorTech Industries installation instructions.

SteelbackGDbro.pdf Commercial Garage Door Brochure - Glass Sectional
SteelbackGDbro.pdf Commercial Garage Door Brochure - Steel Ribbed
SteelbackGDbro.pdf Commercial Garage Door Brochure - Stucco Embossed
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